Love With Food: August 2015

Note: It’s come to my attention that my box lacked two items. I will update this accordingly after I receive the replacement box. (16 August, 2015)

Love With Food: "Road Trip" Wanderer Tasting Box via @thatjanegirl
I opted to do a little research and look into how other bloggers formatted their subscription box reviews, and the thing I saw on a few I liked most was the inclusion of the price of the item, which can help determine the monetary value of the box. I never thought of doing that for some reason. >.<

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Hello world!

If you’re here and feeling rather confused about the name change ordeal (or not), I explained it on my about page, which probably took me more time than it should have.

(Oh well.)

What Liz Eats answered the ever-so-annoying question, “If you’re allergic to all of that, what can you eat?” and talking about eating in general is… weird. I don’t and can’t do it without feeling weird. I dislike it. I don’t have a positive relationship with food and haven’t since I was in the sixth grade. Continue reading

Love With Food: July 2015

After receiving an affiliate-related email about how Love With Food recently changed their prices and actually viewing the prices, I decided to sign back up for their box! I enjoyed receiving their box a lot, but I wasn’t able to continue with them because of their former prices being too high for what I was receiving, as I couldn’t always enjoy everything in the box. When I unsubscribed a while back, it was because their boxes were becoming nuttier and nuttier—to the point that I couldn’t enjoy much of anything provided in the box.

(Dearest Love With Food, I did vote the nut-free box option. I have hopes that one day soon you’ll announce its release!)

July 2015’s theme was Surfin’ USA—and I had the Mavericks box.

Love With Food: Surfin' USA (July 2015)

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July Candy Haul

I chilled with Charlise today, and we went to the Dollar Tree, where everything is just $1. It’s a pretty nifty store. Anyway, I needed headphones and toothpaste, and I wanted to get some candy. I didn’t plan to spend around $8 on candy and one bag of cheddar popcorn, but oh well. It’s alright; it’s hard to find nut-free candy I like, candy I’m in the mood for, and candy I’ll probably want in a few weeks still.

I don’t eat a lot of sweets/candy, but when I’m in the mood for them, they are nice to have around.

I also like candy that isn’t just pure sugar, though this haul probably doesn’t do very well at displaying that.

July 2015 Candy Haul Continue reading