6 Tips for Attending the GFAF Expo

The Gluten-Free & Allergen-Friendly Exposition (GFAF Expo for short) is coming to Dallas soon, and I figured the best way to announce it would be to share what Charlise and I learned not to do, as well as what we should have done instead. For some things, we didn’t know until this year, and they could have really helped us last year. Last year was also our first year, so… meh.

GFAF Expo: Dallas 2015 dates

It’ll be in Dallas the weekend of the 17th and 18th of October! Continue reading

Love With Food: August 2015

Love With Food: "Road Trip" Wanderer Tasting Box via @thatjanegirl
I opted to do a little research and look into how other bloggers formatted their subscription box reviews, and the thing I saw on a few I liked most was the inclusion of the price of the item, which can help determine the monetary value of the box. I never thought of doing that for some reason. >.<

This month, I received the Love With Food “Road Trip” Wanderer Tasting Box. Continue reading

Hello world!

If you’re here and feeling rather confused about the name change ordeal (or not), I explained it on my about page, which probably took me more time than it should have.

(Oh well.)

What Liz Eats answered the ever-so-annoying question, “If you’re allergic to all of that, what can you eat?” and talking about eating in general is… weird. I don’t and can’t do it without feeling weird. I dislike it. I don’t have a positive relationship with food and haven’t since I was in the sixth grade. Continue reading

Love With Food: July 2015

After receiving an affiliate-related email about how Love With Food recently changed their prices and actually viewing the prices, I decided to sign back up for their box! I enjoyed receiving their box a lot, but I wasn’t able to continue with them because of their former prices being too high for what I was receiving, as I couldn’t always enjoy everything in the box. When I unsubscribed a while back, it was because their boxes were becoming nuttier and nuttier—to the point that I couldn’t enjoy much of anything provided in the box.

(Dearest Love With Food, I did vote the nut-free box option. I have hopes that one day soon you’ll announce its release!)

July 2015’s theme was Surfin’ USA—and I had the Mavericks box.

Love With Food: Surfin' USA (July 2015)

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